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What is the Impact of One-Way Video Interviews?

A friend was recently asked to send a short video presentation to the hiring manager of an organization for the third step in his interview process. As the co-owner of a growing business, I certainly understand the value of time. However, I did find myself questioning whether or not this was the most efficient and effective way to truly identify whether or not he was going to be a long-term, viable fit for the team. Never again in his career with this company would he be required to create a one-way presentation, without the impact of questions and interactions on the other end of the screen. Furthermore, it made me question the importance the hiring manager placed on an engaged partnership with his employees.

I think the author is spot on in saying that, in most cases, a one-way video interview or presentation within the hiring process is a small step towards removing the human element in recruiting the right talent for your team. The hiring process is a conversation between two parties to determine if both are willing to invest their time, talents, energy, and heart and soul into partnering with each other for a common goal into the foreseeable future. If one party gives the other that they are disengaged, even for a short part of the conversation, it can leave the impression that they are not truly committed to the partnership. Click the picture below to read more:

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